“Thou shalt guide me with Thy counsel, and afterwards receive me to glory” Psalm 73 v24.

Beloved, knowing we need God’s divine quidance is a great step towards being wise, when it leads us to rely on the wisdom of the Almighty Lord God.

A blind man leans on his friend’s arm and reaches home in safety – and so would we also if we give ourselves implicitly to the divine guidance of Christ, nothing doubting, always assured that though we cannot see, it is always safe to trust the All-seeing God.

“Thou shalt guide me” is a blessed expression of confidence. We are sure that the Lord would never decline the condescending task of guiding us.

Be assured therefore that the Lord God will be your counsellor and friend; He will guide you; He will direct all your ways.

Happy are we to have the Bible which is God’s word as our compass, to guide and guard us always – our salvation mapped out, and afterwards, God himself will receive us safely to His glory.

Beloved, this is your portion. You are surrounded by the “bodyguards” of Jesus that will take you straight to the throne of grace.

For thus saith the Lord, “I am the Lord who watches over you. I know your troubles. I know those things that you struggle with. I know those things that you think about and the things that you set yourself to do. I know your motives and your attitudes. I know all about you. I know you better than you know yourself.
I am leading and guiding you. I have never left your side and I promise, I will never leave you nor forsake you. I know what the enemy is planning for you, but I will frustrate your enemies. And, because I know all of these things, I am able to work on your behalf, and I am able to bring you through the storms and through the valleys of desperation and make you a winner through any wars that you will encounter.
I will bring you into the place of liberty and victory if you will believe in Me, trust in Me and walk with Me”. Amen.


Start your day with Jesus.

Beloved, have a blessed day

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