“The iron did swim.” – 2 Kings 6: V6

Beloved, your expectations shall not be cut off. Just as, the iron was made to mount from the depth of the stream and to swim; so shall it be with your expectations, for things impossible with man are possible with God. You shall see the finger of God working marvels on your behalf. According to thy faith O beloved, be it unto thee, for yet again “your iron (blessings) shall swim”. Amen

”The expectation of the righteous shall not be cut off” Put your faith in God and let God honour your faith as it rise in all occasions in your life; “and the iron (your blessings) shall swim”. Should you find yourself going through grievous financial straits, call upon your two best friends, “faith and hope” and they will led you to the unfailing Helper, and lo, the trouble shall be averted, and your footsteps enlarged, “and the iron (your blessings) shall swim”.

When the stubborn problem would not relent – just employ “your voice of prayer”, and before long a blessed answer will be sent from Heaven – for “the iron (your blessings) shall swim)”.

Beloved, what is your desperate case? What heavy matter hast thou in hand this morning? Bring it to Jesus.  The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob lives, liveth to help his saints. He will not suffer you to lack any good thing. Believe thou in the Lord of hosts! Approach him pleading the name of Jesus, and “your iron (blessings) shall surely swim”.

Song:   “Na so, so wonders Jesus day do”


Start your day with Jesus.

Beloved, have a blessed day.



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