“I tell you that, if these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out.”- Luke 19: V40


Beloved, could stones cry out? Assuredly they will, for God can open their mouth, the same God that can open the mouth of the dumb could bid them lift up their voice. Certainly if they were to speak, they would have much to testify in praise of Him who created them by the word of His power; they could extol the wisdom and power of their Maker who called them into being. Shall not we speak well of The mighty creator, who made us anew, we, the children of Abraham.
The old rocks could tell of chaos and order, and the handiwork of God in successive stages of creation’s drama; and they can talk of God’s decrees, of God’s great work in ancient times, in all that He did for His church in the days of old? O yes, the stones would speak of their breaker, how he took them from the quarry, and made them fit for the temple of the living God.
Yes, the stones would cry out and magnify the Lord, who polished them and fashioned them after the similitude of a palace; and tell about the Architect and Builder, who has put them in place in the temple of the living God? Yes indeed, the stones will cry out, for they have a long, long story to tell by way of memorial, for many a time hath a great stone been rolled as a memorial before the Lord; and we too can testify of Ebenezer, stones of help, pillars of remembrance. The broken stones of the law cry out against us, but Christ Himself, who has rolled away the stone from the door of the sepulchre, speaks for us. Stones might well cry out, but we will not let them: we will hush their noise with ours; we will break forth into sacred song, and bless the majesty of the Most High, all our days glorifying Him. Amen!
JESUS LOVES YOU. Start your day with Jesus.
Beloved, have a blessed day.


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