Loving Lord Jesus, I commit all my plans for this month of May into your hands. I seek your divine guidance. Go before me and show me the way. Let your glory protect me. Help me to live for your glory by helping the poor and the needy. Let my light shine and your name be glorified. Bless all my efforts for this month and grant me success in everything I do.

O Jehovah, my great God, I pray you make me great on this earth.
Thank you Lord, for leading me in Your paths of righteousness. Lord, I know as we seek You, you will give us the answers we need so that we might prosper and be in good health. Lord, we need strength and health to be able to serve You and help others. Thank You for prosperity so that we are able to give to the church to keep it winning lost souls and to help those who are poor and needy. Show us the people we need to help. Give us answers to our prayers for the lost, hurting and needy. Help us Lord, to be willing to take the time to pray for others, to give and to reach out to others.

I pray O mighty Lord, that I will experience Your power every day and be filled with hope, strength and courage. Help me to be strong and courageous and not to be terrified or be discouraged in any situation I find myself, for I know that Thou O LORD my God will be with me wherever I go.

O Lord, I will bless You, for in Your matchless name I have prayed. Amen!

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