“God is jealous.” – Nahum 1: V2


Beloved, has God chosen you, then He is jealous of your love, O beloved, God cannot bear it, should you choose to love another more than Him. Since Christ bought you with His own blood, He cannot endure that you should think that you belongs to someone else.

Jesus loves you with such a love that He would cannot live in Heaven without you; He would sooner die than you should perish, and He cannot endure that anything should stand between your heart’s love and Himself.

Jesus is very jealous of your trust. He will not permit you to trust in an arm of flesh, when the overflowing fountain is always free to you. When we lean upon Him, He is so glad, but when we transfer our dependence to another, or rely upon our own wisdom or when we trust in any works of our own, It makes Him unhappy, as He knows we are bound to fail.

Jesus is also very jealous of the company we keep. There should be no one with whom we converse so much as with Jesus. To abide in Him only, and enjoy constant fellowship with Himself – this is true love. Let this jealousy which would keep us nearer to Christ be also a comfort to us, for if He loves us so much as to jealous about our love, we may be sure that He will protect us from all our enemies. Oh that we may have grace this day to keep our hearts for our Beloved Jesus alone, shutting our eyes to all the fascinations of this world!
“Lord, I give you my heart, I give you my soul. I live for you alone”

Start your day with Jesus.
Beloved, have a blessed day.


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