“My soul wait thou only upon God, for my expectation is from him” Psalm 62 V5-”


Beloved, O come ye blessed of the Lord, save all your wealth in the bank of faith called Bank-Jesus where the daily interest is salvation, blessings, healing and unbroken promises of the Most High God, who never fails to honour his promises. O let your soul live for God and He will be your guardian. Be ye prepared to inherit the Heavenly kingdom, where a mansion is prepared for you. Today your expectations shall be granted.

Beloved, today angels have been released just for you, to set you free from any problem. Today, may the love of Jesus with all its sweetness, its fullness, its faithfulness compass you.His love for us is vast and boundless. It is indeed measureless and a fathomless abyss.

Let this love fix in your heart with adoring gratitude. Today, let us join the cherubim and seraphim to praise him, his Majesty Christ Jesus, who is blessed forever!. Amen!
Start your day with Jesus.
Beloved have a blessed day.


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