“Your Heavenly Father” Matthew 6 V32

Beloved, you are His offspring of Jehovah God by creation and we are privileged to call him “Father”. Here is affection mingled with Authority. God will show himself strong on your behalf and will provide for your needs. There is Heaven in the depth of that word “ABBA FATHER” “Your Heavenly Father”! God your Father will take care of all your necessities, your desires and wishes.

God is faithful, He will not let you to be tempted beyond what you can bear. Therefore, let your heart glow with a seraphic flame of love to Jesus and don’t allow temptation to bring you down to lukewarmness. Sleep with your helmet of salvation and breastplate of righteousness buckled on. For the terror by night is prowling around, looking for those unguarded to make its prey. Instead of being a prey, you will be an “enemy buster” to the Kingdom of darkness.

You are the walking missiles of God and your prayers shall become fire to your enemies, consuming and destroying them. Jehovah is your “Your Heavenly Father”. The blessings of Jehovah God is upon you today mightily for supplication in all department of your life.
Start your day with Jesus.
Beloved, have a blessed day.


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  1. “but you will have to, no, you definitely have to mortgage everything”. I may be green all over, but enjoy touring Europe virtually thru your blog. Not the herring bit though. My green skin should clear by the time we get to KK in July. Hopefully can hear you recount the experience in person; then I wouldn’t have to do Europe! My little voice again, “ Yah, you are an idiot!”. Ciao bella ! Zie je later. Mike C.

  2. Smart Lawyer Person:So glad to hear that you have the "sunk cost" fallacy all figured out.Too bad you weren't practicing law back in early 1915. You could have advised the Kaiser that just because he lost a whole heap of soldiers in 1914, he didn't really have to continue a war with costs that were already all out of proportion to what he had originally hoped to gain.

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