“Thou art my portion, O Lord.” – Psalm 119: V57


Beloved, God is our portion and in Him we have more than gold or riches could ever buy. O believer, look at your possessions and begin to thank God. Compare your portion with the those that could not attain as much as you have. Yes, yet some of them their portion might be rich, and their harvests yield them a golden increase and their wealth is abundance; but what are harvests compared with your God, who is the God of harvests? What are bursting storehouses compared with Jesus, who is the Husbandman, and feeds us with the bread of Heaven?

Some have so much gold in their possession, until they become a very reservoir of gold; but what is gold compared with our God? Your spiritual life could not be sustained by wealth. But you have God, and in Him you have more than gold or riches ever could buy. There are problems in life which wealth cannot alleviate. But when you have God for your portion, you have more than everything else put together. In Him every want is met, whether in life or in death. With God for your portion you are rich indeed, for He will supply all your needs, comfort your heart, assuage your grief, guide your steps and “Lo I am with you always” to enjoy Him as your portion for ever. Amen!
Start your day with Jesus.
Beloved, have a blessed day.



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