January 2015

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My dearly beloved brothers/sisters in Christ, I have the opportunity once again to say Happy New Year to you all. This is a year of fulfillment for God’s children. A year to be glad in, to gain in and to give in. A year to banish worry, doubt and fear and to put complete trust in God. A new year for trying out things with Christ, and never for sighing. A new year to live with Christ in a new way, being more prayerful. Welcome to the month of January 2015. Scripture for this month: ACTS 10—V4 “Timothy your prayers and alms have come up as a memorial before God”. Today, God has dispatched an angel to single you out and call you by your name and declare to you that every collection you have paid in the house of the Lord, (Deuteronomy 16 V16 do not come into my house empty handed), every penny you have ever given to a man or a woman of God, every tithes you have ever paid, has come up as a memorial for you before God. This month, God will remember you and your household for miracles. You are carrying the eternal Glory of the Most High God by Christ Jesus (1 Peter 5 V10), therefore you will move from glory to glory and God will establish you and settle you. I pray for you, by the Power that announced Jesus’s birth and was able to make it possible, that this will be your best year ever, Amen. Remember, your New Year’s resolution should be “Pray always”! Amen! May you be blessed in 2015. Amen.
Yours in Christ, Pst. Evelyn Yeboah.
(Servant of Christ)